ProPeople meets the diverse manpower needs of an enterprise through various means. Searching, short listing and identifying the right profiles from our own Data Bank (built and maintained over the last four years) and the databases of our business partners of international repute.

Advertising on behalf of the Clients (this helps the Clients to retain their confidentiality) and screening the responses before recommending the right candidates for final selections by the Clients. Advertisements can be published either in print media or in the portals of our business partners.

Client Advertisement Response Services – in case the client has advertised, but wants to offload the job of sorting the responses, screen relevant profiles and shortlist the candidates. ProPeople may also supplement with profiles from its database.

Campaigning, testing and short listing talents for bulk recruitments from a particular location or campuses of reputed institutions. Start ups and companies expanding geographically and vertically can also benefit from this service.
For further queries about this Lateral recruitment Service and need of manpower for Junior – Senior management position in your organization, you can reach Bikash Kumar Roychoudhuri  at


For senior level positions and very critical leadership roles, ProPeople identifies the right person(s) by searching through a special database and using contacts and relationships built over the years. As and when required, ProPeople Head Hunts discreetly to precisely meet a Client’s requirement. For further queries about this Service and need of manpower in Top management position in your organization, you can reach Pradeep Mohapatra at .


Enterprises across the world prefer to outsource their manpower needs, basically to reduce overheads, do away with the task of recruiting and complying with statutory regulations and also have flexibility in managing the manpower strength.

ProPeople, by virtue of its strength and experience in the Enterprise Recruitment Services, possession of its own Data Bank and access to databases of business partners, can identify and deploy skilled manpower at a client’s site, in quick time.

ProPeople’s reputation of identifying retainable resources possessing right skill sets and experience, will ensure that the deployed professionals contribute to the Client’s productivity. ProPeople will also ensure that contingencies are available at all times for uninterrupted workflow.

For further queries about this Staffing services, you can reach Mr Bikash Kumar Roychoudhuri at