ProPeople Consulting Group

Is a Human Resources Service Provider

Catering to diverse HR and Workforce needs of an enterprise

ProPeople’s Recruitment Solutions

Acts as a facilitator to bring the Employer and the Skilled Job Seeker together, on a platform that effectively conserves resources at both ends.

ProPeople’s Executive Search Service

Identifies leaders for Senior/Top level positions with proven track records and possessing the required character, qualification, experience and skills.

ProPeople’s Staffing Services

Selects, validates and deploys skilled manpower to meet specific needs of an enterprise.

9 ProPeople’s HR Consulting Division

Offers wide range of solutions to our clients in strategically integrating effective HR processes to acquire, engage and develop their human capital.

ProPeople’s Management Training & Development Services

Delivers proven training programs as well as custom built training programs to meet the skill development requirements of an enterprise.